Advanced Cookie Manager

التقييم 4.2 (17) زائر
السعر 19.95 Shareware
عدد مرات التحميل : 1837
  • نظام التشغيل WinXP,Windows 7
  • الحجم 0.67MB
  • الاصدار 2.39
  • تاريخ الاصدار : 3-1-2013
  • التغييرات : نسخة تحديث بسيط

شرح و تقييم Advanced Cookie Manager

This internet cookie manager allows you to view, erase, backup and restore cookies. The software is not a simple cookie viewer it is also a cookie shredder, or as sometimes called cookie eraser. It securely deletes cookies from your PC, small pieces of server information that reside on your computer and can show your browsing history. Pretect you privacy by erasing cookies using cryptographically strong algorithms.

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