Windows ARP Spoofer

التقييم 4.0 (47) زائر
السعر 29.99 Shareware
عدد مرات التحميل : 24581
  • نظام التشغيل Windows
  • الحجم 0.95MB
  • الاصدار 0.5.4
  • تاريخ الاصدار : 1-8-2007
  • التغييرات : نسخة جديدة
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شرح و تقييم Windows ARP Spoofer

WinArpSpoofer is a program to manipulate the ARP table of another computer on a LAN. Especially, by changing the ARP table of a router, this program can in effect pull all packets on the local area network. After pulling and collecting all packets, this has a function that can forward them to the router(gateway). If you run this program and any sniffer program, you can even get and see all user ids/passwords on the switch network.

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