ComfortAir HVAC Software

التقييم 5.0 (1) زائر
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عدد مرات التحميل : 427
  • نظام التشغيل WinXP,Windows 7
  • الحجم 1.54MB
  • الاصدار 4.0
  • تاريخ الاصدار : 2-1-2006
  • التغييرات : تحتوي هذه النسخة تعديلات كثيرة تختلف عن النسخة السابقة

شرح و تقييم ComfortAir HVAC Software

ComfortAir HVAC Software is designed to be used by engineers, architects, contractors and energy auditors to calculate and analyse heating and air conditioning hourly loads in all types of buildings. Input and output units can be set independently to English or Metric units. The program contains weather and other necessary data for 1,989 cities and localities in 163 countries, thus making it applicable for virtually any location in the world.

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24 MB RAM, 5 MB Disk space

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