CHM eBook Reader for Pocket PC

التقييم 4.6 (5) زائر
السعر 14.95 Shareware
عدد مرات التحميل : 2153
  • نظام التشغيل WinXP,Windows 7
  • الحجم 0.87MB
  • الاصدار 2.5
  • تاريخ الاصدار : 3-1-2006
  • التغييرات : نسخة جديدة

شرح و تقييم CHM eBook Reader for Pocket PC

CHM eBook Reader for Pocket PC is a program, that allows you to view files in the most common Windows help format ( .CHM, also known as "compiled HTML"), on the Pocket PC platform. Key features: Opening CHM files of any size not longer than in 2 seconds, even huge Microsoft Press CHM eBooks; Full-Text Search in a whole CHM file.

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Windows Mobile 2002/2003/2003SE/2003PE/2005.

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